For My Mother

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Poetry

When did you become my friend?

Memories stir within my head

And struggle, knowing my role has


And yet, the struggle adds value

To the ebb and flow

Of give and take

And you bless my heart.

You held me in the night,

When fears became live

and imagination reigned.

I called for you

When fear gave way to fright.

from somewhere beyond my sight,

you came with comfort,

speaking words of peace.

Imagination has given way

To realities that stir my thoughts.

Your presence still brings comfort

As one who is a friend.

I wonder, if I too have changed.

Instead of calling for you

In the night of fear,

Am I here for you

In your need of words

That offer peace?

Childhood gone, yet fear still comes.

In realities that glare

as much in day as in the dark.

Faith becomes our partnership

And tandem steps

Carry forward, what is – from

What has been.

But still I wonder…

When did you become my friend?
October, 2010


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