You are Stronger than you think.

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Poetry

You are stronger than you think.
In the shadows previously passed,
Groping and gasping, you found your light.
In laughter and peace where hope is cast,
Your creativity set things right.
Committed to truth and what is good,
Strength rises as food for the soul.
Gratitude becomes practice as it should
And thanksgiving is your morning knoll.
Each day brings new mercy to see God’s face
And hands set to working with God’s good gifts
Bring your heart to pace with God’s good grace
And joy or trials our frame, suddenly fits.
You are stronger than you think
When your heart sinks in expectations failed
And life takes you to ability’s brink
It is there your faith will sail!

  1. Karen VanderZanden says:

    It is still a mystery that you were issued from this woman; your talent astounds me and gives me “right eye tears” of JOY with a mite of pride..

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