Finding more benches

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Compassion, Reflections

I watch her manage his day, keeping everything the same. His room, his clothes, his routine. Any deviation unsettles him and causes fear. Unfamiliar surroundings can bring on panic and he becomes angry as a means to show he is in control and not afraid. I see a child within the man and I have come to understand, how afraid he must be as he loses himself and relies on her to be his constant. They made a pact early on, to be strong partners in this journey. To be “The one” that would always be there to quell fears and set boundaries for safety. Day after day she runs the routine, without complaint. She takes time to count her blessings each day along the way and finds her strength in her generous God who gives her grace. She prays for mercy and gentle blessing for the day ahead and busies her hands working in dirt. He sits beside her and watches her hands till the soil and comments on plants and foods soon to be on the table. Like a child, he asks, “Do I have to eat that?” And she gently says “no”, but you may want to try a bite since you liked it yesterday.

I am amazed at the stamina and the courage she faces each day on this long, long journey of care. She loves so deeply and cares so high, commits very wide and watches so far. He finds peaceful rest in her company.

A prayer was offered for them today. A prayer for grace and peace as she walks with this one she loves. A plea for presence as they journey on side by side and when things get hard, may they find more benches along the way to provide some sojourn and a place to chat, maybe watch birds and hear a child’s laugh.

I cried at the thought of such tender love. And prayed for myself, to have such a one that would walk beside me in my raw times of need, when I may feel overtaken with fear of the unknown. One who will brush my cheek, wash my back and whisper reassurances in the dark. Oh what compassion!  Or perhaps I will be this one who comes alongside.  May I honor her legacy with the  same loyalty and deep affection she spends day by day caring for her beloved.

  1. Karen VanderZanden says:

    My Darling..I am speechless..what a blessing you are.

  2. Mary says:

    What a beautiful piece, Amy. I am also in awe of you mom’s consistently positive, and uplifting attitude. Blessings to you both!

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